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What is the Bite-R?
    The Bite-R is a speech therapy device that after being inserted in the mouth and  removed causes the student to be able to produce the necessary movements for a perfect R!  The device is designed for tongue tension, but also provides jaw stability, lip stability, proper tongue position and placement for R.

    Most children begin to develop the ability to describe tongue position with the first few sessions of therapy.  Many say that they can feel what the speech pathologist has been telling them over the years.  Once the child has the feel of the /r/ sound, they can begin to self-monitor and self-correct their own /r/ production.

View "HOW IT WORKS"  for more detailed information about the Bite-R use.
The Bite-R is the only Tactile Therapy Device designed specifically to introduce tongue tension.  Along with the proper placement and position of the tongue, the child is able to produce the R, usually on the first session.

The Bite-R is patented and FDA classified.
We kindly request that purchases be made by or for​ the use by a 
Licensed Speech Pathologist only, please. 
For more information, please see Parent Page.
Start Up Kit
Caseload Kit
Replacement Caseload
The Caseload Kit includes all the same materials as the Start Up Kit but gives you more Bite-Rs to use with your caseload.

The kit includes:
The Manual
Practice Cards
8 Bite-Rs with cases

The Replacement Caseload is for those therapists who have used the Bite-R before and have the manual and the Practice Cards.
The kit includes:
5 Bite-Rs with cases only
Single Bite-R
The Single Bite-R is for the Speech Pathologist who has used the Bite-R before and wants to use it on a single student.
1 Bite-R with case only

Practice Cards
The Tactile Therapy for the Remediation of the R sound Manual is for the speech pathologist who needs an additional Manual at a second school.
  The Manual includes information for cleaning and  using the Bite-R along with information for those challenging R sounds.
1- Tactile Therapy for the Remediation of the R Sound
The Practice Cards are for the Speech Pathologist who needs an additional set of cards for a second location.  The Cards includes 30 words to use to teach the R sound.  On the back of each card is a description of the sound errors that are common and how to instruct the child to correct his R sound.
Shipping is included for all continental US orders.  Contact us for information regarding shipping outside the US.
This kit is recommended for first time users of the Bite-R.  
The kit includes: 
2 Bite-Rs with cases
1 Manual
1 Practice Deck


ArticBites, LLC would like to offer a one hour free teleconference inservice once you purchase your kit.  Please email at  to set up a time.
The Quick Start Kit is perfect for those first-timer users who want to see how the Bite-R works.  The Kit includes a Bite-R and case, the Practice Deck (which tells how to handle misarticulations on the back of each card) and an Instruction Booklet .  A great way to begin.


The Quick Start Kit

This is an excellent placement device!
Once introduced to my first grader; he was intrigued by his ability to tell me, in his own words, where his lips, teeth & tongue  were located as an explanation and why his /r/ could have been better. I was dumbfounded by that ability. He also sincerely sees the device as "his." He goes to the Bite-R center, sanitizes (it), takes it out of "his" container & places the device, himself. His progress has been great to witness. Well worth the purchase & use.

ML Jackson, Speech Pathologist, Ohio

I have a student who is in 7th grade. We have been working on vocalic /r/ for two years using a variety of approaches. Although she did have /r/ initial, she was unable to produce vocalic /r/ consistently in the medial and final positions. I could tell this student was becoming increasingly frustrated with a lack of progress which was verified when her mom called to say she wanted to discontinue speech services. I had already been looking at other techniques to try with this student when I found the Bite-R website. Even though I was skeptical (after trying so many different techniques), I decided to give it a try. I talked with the mother about using one last approach/device, and she agreed to give me 8 weeks to see if we could affect any changes in her daughter’s productions. It was on our third session that the unthinkable happened. She finally produced a vocalic /r/ in final position!! Not only that, but she could hear the difference, and commented that she now understood exactly where her tongue was supposed to be. We are now on our way to making some much-anticipated progress with those vocalic /r/’s. I’m so excited to have another tool in my toolbox for those stubborn /r/’s. Thanks so much for this wonderful product. 

K Miller, Speech Pathologist, Illinois

I began using the Bite-R with a 10-year boy after months of traditional articulation treatment. While we had made gains with that treatment, the progress was slow and he was becoming discouraged. Progress was made within 7 sessions with the Bite R. Use of the device has gone really well! I was able to use the device right away without any questions. He improved immediately and made measurable gains over time. His progress was measurable both perceptually and acoustically (i.e., recording were analyzed using Pratt). He is still struggling with 'ar', but has that under control when he thinks about it. Everything else is near mastery level in spontaneous speech and he will discharge soon. I'm so proud of him! 
 H. Balog,Speech Pathologist, Michigan
 "Our son had been in and out of speech therapy for years and no one was able to help him master his "R's." We were so eager to try the Bite-R device when our current speech therapist recommended it. Once our son tried the Bite-R a few times, he was able to articulate the "R" sound correctly! The device really helped him feel how to place his tongue in the current position to articulate the sound correctly. It was such a wonderful surprise! I wish we had found this device sooner! We are so thankful for our amazing speech therapist, Catherine and the Bite-R!" -Erin C. parent, Florida
Just wanted you to know that after 7-10 times (7 sessons and 3 facetime re-checks for 5 minutes to get the sound back), the kid got the R! We are all so excited. Me especially. All vowels and initial and final position without effort. You rock.
                M. Thompson, Speech Pathologist, Alaska
Procedures for Bite-R Use
Practice Cards come with the Start Up Kit and the Caseload Kit.  The front of the card features a target word with a highlighted R for developing the attention to the R sound.  The back of the card features a description of  the possible placement/tension errors giving the Speech Pathologist the opportunity to help the child develop a "mouth awareness" in order to self correct.
Part 1:  Elicit the R:
   The Bite-R is designed to stabilize the jaw which in turn will provide better mobility to the lips and tongue.

   The Child bites on the Bite Plates, protrudes the lips into a "sh" shape (squared off lips), then retracts the elastic with his tongue tip.  Then the Bite-R is removed.

    The child produces the mouth movement (THIS IS KEY TO SUCCESS).  Then words are said using pauses in order to achieve the "Bite-R Position" and the R is achieved!
Part 2:  Using Tactile Therapy to Elicit the more challenging R sounds:
  The Bite-R has helped many children understand and be able to identify the location of the tongue placement during sound production.  Many students who have difficulty saying the R sound lack awareness of their tongue, their sound production and the awareness of their sound accuracy.

   Once the Bite-R has been used for a few sessions, children develop tongue awareness which in turn develops their awareness of their sound productions.

  There will still be challenging words/vowel combinations for the child.  At first the technique used is to have the child pause after the vowel and then silently practice the vowel sound and then practice the Bite-R position.  The child should be asked to describe the movements.  The silent vowel and R are practiced slowly at first and then when the child has smoothed the movements, the word is attempted out loud. 

Part 3:  Customization of the R:
   The child's tongue posture at rest and in vowel production may not be placed at the location considered for traditional sound production.  For example, the "a" sound in rain can be made with the tongue tip on the alveolar ridge and on the lower gum line with little change in sound.  The placement of the tongue, will and can, affect the sound of the /r/.

   So...Customization works like this:  This child is asked to tell the placement of the tongue during the production of sounds near the R sound.  Then movements are described to the child in order for him to make the smallest and least noticeable  movements from sound to sound in order to produce automaticity and correct sound production.

Part 4:  Conversation:   
    With the use of the Bite-R and tactile therapy, the child will slide easily into conversation.
Parent Page
We love Parents!  Parents are always the first and best teachers of their children.  

But when it comes to the R sound, frustration can abound.  The child can't imitate the R, but can recognize when someone else's R sound is poor.  The child can make an R sound in one word, but not in another with the same sounds!  The child can produce a clear R word and then turn around and say it incorrectly the next time.

This is frustrating!  To the child.  To the Parents.  To the Speech Pathologist.  It seems to be easy to blame someone else.

So when it comes the R sound, we say to you the parents, "We've got this one!"  Relax.  You have the homework of school, the after school activities and all of the burdens that go with being a parent.  "We've got this one!"

Here is what will happen as your child uses the device with the school speech pathologist:

1) Almost instantly your child will become aware of his/her tongue.  The elastic band on the Bite-R provides a strong feel that increases the tongue tension.

2)  Next your child will develop a tongue position that helps your child create more perfect R sounds...that he/she can repeat.

3)  Carryover happens without the child being aware of it...which makes it perfect for both you and the child.

We've got this one!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Can I buy the Bite-R for the school-based SLP to try with my child?
        Absolutely!  But ask your child's speech  pathologist first to see if they are willing to try it.  

2.  Can I use it at home with my child?
       We love parents!  But if your child has an awkward tongue placement at rest, he or she will have an awkward tongue placement while speaking.  The first steps of the therapy will give your child a tongue position and placement with the necessary tension to produce R slowly and clearly.  Beyond that, the customization stages require finding a placement closest to the "at rest" tongue position.  Only a licensed SLP will have the required knowledge to help your child.  So the answer is no, you shouldn't be using it at home with your child.
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