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Evidence Based Practice
Single Case Study:

    See below for a recent case study of a fifth grade student who had decided that she would no longer attend speech therapy due to the retirement of her speech pathologist and a transition to middle school.  When offered a chance to try the Bite-R for a intensive session during the summer of 2014.
  First day, the student was both nervous and excited to try the product.  Her mother attended all sessions and wondered if her student had previously been trained to use the "Bite-R Position."  The student was able to attend 7 sessions during a 10 day period giving her 3.5 hours of therapy.

                                      First Day                After first use of Bite-R           Day 7                 
Word Accuracy:                  23% avg.              67% avg                   100% overall fluently
       Initial                              50%                      80%
       Medial                            20%                      60%
       Final                                0%                       60%

Sentence Accuracy:           2% avg.                                                         57% avg.
       Practiced words             0/30    0%                                                       21/30     70% 
      Non-practiced words       1/29    3%                                                      16/29     55%

   This is just one example of how progress can be made quickly and easily once the student can make the necessary movements to produce the Bite-R position.  This student had given up and was beginning to have some carryover during conversation with just 3.5 hours of therapy.   

   The student was given two further sessions in August and September for a total of 7.5 hours of therapy combined.  She was then dismissed and checked again in early January of 2015.  She had no lapse in R production on conversation.