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Using the Bite-R in Teletherapy during the Covid 19 Crisis

Single Client Use Device


The Bite-R is a single use device designed to create tongue tension and a mouth position for the R sound.  It is NOT to be used by more than one client.  

For Speech Pathologists using teletherapy


Please make sure that your students do not have COVID-19 and have not been exposed to the virus.  If the parent agrees, you may use the Bite-R for teletherapy. It is expected that the parent inserts the Bite-R. Please pay particular attention to the placement of the Bite-R as it is critical to the success of the R production.

Proper PPE and Sanitization


Please ensure that you are doing all that you can to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Some schools require the speech pathologist to wear a face shield with fabric attached at the lower edge of the shield to prevent air flow towards and away from the speech pathologist.  Others use googles/eyewear and a face mask when inserting and removing the Bite-R.  

Always sanitize your hard surfaces prior to and following treatment.  You should also sanitize the retainer case to help prevent the virus from spreading with contact.

Remember to wash your hands frequently.

Incorrect placement can lead to misarticulation of the R sound

Please ensure that the position is correct.  When the Bite-R is moved too far back, the tongue position encourages an airy sounding R similar to a German accent.  Too far forward and the child will gag. If you hear an airy R sound, it is likely that the tongue back is down.  The child should be reminded to use the Bite-R position and to imagine pulling back on the tension band.


Parent’s role in speech therapy

 Parents should be encouraged to set up a time and location in which the sound errors can be discussed.  Both child and parent should agree.  After all, no one wants to think that every sound is being listened to all the time. 

At the designated time, the parent should hold a conversation with the child, have them read or play a game.  When the child misarticulates a sound, the parent should point out the word, ask the child to repeat the word silently and then have the child report if he/she used the Bite-R position.  The child should be encouraged to self-correct the word.

For questions or additional information, contact Susan Haseley



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