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2020 is over!   Covid 19 has caused upheaval in your service delivery models.  Irregularities in therapy have caused progress to be limited. All the while, you have had to learn something new. Every. Single. Week.

It would help if you had some reduction in your caseload. Our product is designed specifically for Tongue Tension.  Surprisingly, once children become aware of their tongues, they can report their accuracy.  There is spontaneous carryover between sessions with NO Homework given.  Most of our students have immediate success and are dismissed in one school year or less.  There are exceptions, of course, but we offer FREE LIVE ONLINE training and follow up at requested intervals.  See our testimonial page for more information on the support Bite-R provides to speech-language pathologists.

If you want to see what the Bite-R is all about, this is the time to try our product.  We are taking 30% off all kits and singles until February 5th, 2021


Yes, we take purchase orders.  Just include the Code FF2021 on the Purchase Order!

We would love to hear about your experiences with our product!  Please post on our Facebook page or tell others on Instagram.

Discount is applied automatically! No need for a coupon code!


All sales come with a certificate for a free, one-hour, live, online training session for you and your colleagues…even if they aren’t using the Bite-R.

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