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Susan Haseley

Hi! My name is Susan Haseley and I want to thank you for coming to learn more about us.


I grew up in central Illinois and married my high school sweetheart, Roger.


Roger has supported every one of my dreams and found a way to help me make them happen.  Together, we have two awesome, grown children. We love spending time with them and our beautiful granddaughter, Charlotte, 7, and little Hudson, 6 months of age.

I was inspired to create a speech therapy device because I wasn’t willing to let two of my students fail. 

This was not only frustrating for me, but it was also creating a wedge in therapy and impacting the student's self-esteem.  I knew I needed tongue tension, but nothing that I had tried before was working. 


They had spectacular parents who diligently followed instructions, and despite years in speech therapy, their children had no improvement with their R sound.

Since 2013, we've provided a product that has helped thousands of children achieve the R sound. The Bite-R was created solely for tongue tension, without a distorted jaw or lip placement. 


  I met a 21-year-old student who had a distorted /r/ along with a severe stutter.  He had been pulled over by the police.  The police claimed that he was "slurring" his speech and since they didn't have a breathalyzer, they handcuffed him, put him in the back of the squad car, and brought him to jail.  He was given a breathalyzer at the station and had no alcohol in his system. At that moment, I realized that if I didn't do my job, someone might go to jail due to a "slurred /r/ sound."  

  Our job is vital!  Roger and I are here to help make your job easier.


Artic Bites is here to help speech-language pathologists improve the delivery of their speech therapy for the “R” sound and have confidence in their ability to achieve lasting results for their clients. 


We are committed to improving the lives of children and adolescents by supporting talented people who work with them. The Bite-R will reduce frustration for both clinician and child, increase progress, and allow for generalization and carryover. 


Children will be empowered as they develop independence in identifying correct tongue placement and tension through tactile cuing provided by the Bite-R device, rather than relying solely on verbal feedback of the Speech Language Pathologist.

We are committed to supporting our customers from purchase to clear speech.  We encourage clinicians to schedule a free online training with Susan, our owner, and inventor. We offer additional consultation through videos once therapy using the Bite-R has begun.

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