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Frequently asked questions

Which R does the Bite-R teach? TheRetroflex R? The Retracted R?

You may not know that a group of researchers from the University of Cincinatti discovered through the use of sonograms, that there are more tongue positions than the two found above. They found 21 tongue positions within the mouth that all created an acoustically perfect R. So the short answer is yes...But the longer answer is that with the use of tongue tension and a posture that is easily replicated, the child will develop His or Her own R sound and that is our goal!

How old is the youngest child? the oldest child?

We recommend that the child be around the age of 6 in order to have a mouth large enough to accept the Bite-R and be able to get the two Bite Plates apart. Any age of student beyond the age of 6 years can use the Bite-R...even adults that may have missed the opportunity to learn the R sound at the proper age.

How often is speech therapy homework administered?

We do not recommend homework when using the Bite-R. Frankly, it isn't necessary. We have found that using burst therapy and daily therapy to help speed the process. Our concern with homework is that others who are not trained in sound development will not recognize the cause of a distorted R that may arise when the child drops the tongue during the R sound production.

Can parents have one for home?

Again, it is not necessary. We have observed that children retain their skill levels or even improve over summer break.

Can we clean this articulation device and use it for other students?

No. It is a single client use device. Simply throw it away when the child has finished the R sound.

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