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End the School Year...happily organized

Updated: May 11, 2023

Confession time. I am a perpetual list maker. I love them. They remind me of tasks, large and small, that need to be completed. As a speech pathologist, I have relied on lists and appeared to be the most efficient person on the outside due to those lists.

Let me share one with you.

Year-End Checklist for SLPs


o Organizing students by their specific needs for next year

o Organizing the materials they need is beneficial (write it next to their names on your list)

o Who does/doesn’t work well together (you will have to defend why you want to take these kids individually- have a reason ready.)

Testing /IEP Planning

o Create a spreadsheet, table, and calendar (Get your staff on board for next year's planning sessions. They get the first crack at the times you have available. You will help them remember to send permissions, invitations, etc. Be the Best SLP they have met.)

o Include due dates for your students

o Include 30-day preparation for any meeting, evaluation, invitation, and draft writing.

o Ex: If the child is due Nov. 1st for annual review, place a 30-day notice to write a draft IEP and send invitations to appropriate people (when you have 30 invitation time frame to parents, they appreciate it. Be sure to set up notifications via email, phone texts, etc.)

Deep Think

o Name problems to solve- brainstorm with people who can help

o Write down the desired outcome with specifics. They will be finished in speech is not specific

o Ex: which behaviors baffle me? What can I do to reduce the frequency/severity of the behavior

o Why isn’t Child A making progress? What skills do they need? At which level are they functioning? Do I match the functional level or use higher-level vocabulary, etc?


Room Decoration

o Since custodians will probably be in the room and dismantle anything you set up, don’t physically place room decorations.

o Plan, place information in the calendar- seasons, holidays, by quarter, for year


o Clean it out

o Reorganize it if you find yourself moving things around to find what you want on your desk

o Make pretty labels for your files- Pro-Tip: Use file folders that have the tabs in the same place for efficiency in locating materials. You won't be looking left to right to the center to find your files.

o Color coordinate/sorting for grades/etc


Requests to make to administration, etc.

o Purchase more tests and protocols

o Request better furniture, shelves, file cabinets, and rugs (If you don't ask, they won't know how to buy it.)

o Products- (ask for materials that you will use up OT and PT have this built into their budgets)

o Request conferences to attend- justify it (Again, if you don't ask, you won't be going.)

Plan early release days in the following school years

o Will you hold parties? Have special activities? Field Trips?

o Deliver prizes or gifts?


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