The Bite-R
Speech Therapy Device Designed to Provide Tongue Tension to Improve the R Sound
R consistently    R rapidly   R with tongue tension

Bite-R Articulation Products

The Bite-R Can Provide
Tactile awareness of the tongue

Children are able to report the location and position of their tongue with just a few uses.

Tongue Tension

Provides a clarity in speech that is different than matching tongue position.

Spontaneous Carryover of the R Sound

Without homework, children often return to speech therapy with improved /R/ sounds

Evidence Based Practice

 The BITE-R is an evidence-based tactile cueing device designed to help children and adolescents acquire an accurate production of the R sound by increasing tongue tension and awareness.

For reference research and a list of published studies, visit our EBP page

As a speech pathologist I interact with children and teenagers every day. And because of their difficulty pronouncing the /R/ sound, they're frequently asked to repeat themselves. At this age they have strong feelings and opinions, and when they're asked to repeat themselves, it diminishes their voice.

Susan Haseley MS CCC-SLP and inventor of the Bite-R Device

Get to Know Susan


There is no doubt that some of you have a pretty tight budget, especially if you work in the schools. 

Here is what you are currently doing:  If you are like me, you are serving between 8 and 10 children with the R sound disorder.   You spend two to five years with that student.

Let’s look at this problem differently.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions, and even a few assumptions about our product. 

 Which R does this teach?  The Retroflex R?  The Retracted R?  Is there a recommended age? 
 Can I use one device with multiple kids? 


To learn more about our speech therapy device visit our FAQ page. 

Parent Information

When you child needs additional intervention it can be scary, stressful or even concerning. 

This is normal and we're here to help.

You see their speech impairment effecting their friendships, school work, choices and self-esteem but you don't know what to do or where to start.  

We've compiled a guide to help you through the stages of speech therapy. 

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