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The Bite-R is perfect in Speech Therapy for the R Sound.  It helps your client establish Lip Rounding, Jaw Stability, Tongue Elevation, and Tension, which are necessary for the R sound, especially the vocalic R.

The R Sound is easier to achieve and easier to teach. 

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Bite-R Articulation Products

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How the Bite-R helps
Tactile awareness of the tongue

Once children become aware of tongue placement and tension, they can replicate the R repeatedly!

Tongue Tension

Tongue Tension is one of the essential components of clarity of speech. Vowel sounds become clearly enunciated, helping to improve the feel of the movement between vowel and R!  

Spontaneous Carryover of the R Sound

Children have returned from summer break and maintained the level held in the spring.

Evidence Based Practice

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 The BITE-R is an evidence-based tactile cueing device designed to help children and adolescents acquire an accurate production of the R sound by increasing tongue tension and awareness.

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Speech Pathologists around the country have expressed their frustrations about correcting the R sound. 

 Therapy is incredibly frustrating when the child is successful with a consonantal R yet still failing with the vocalic R. 


Our product supports those efforts and makes R therapy consistent, fun, and attainable for both client and SLP. Give us a try!

Susan Haseley MS CCC-SLP and inventor of the Bite-R Device

More about us

Ideas for School Funding

There is no doubt that many of you are working with really tight budgets.

You shouldn't have to purchase the Bite-R with your materials budget.  The Bite-R is a consumable product that is purchased for each individual student.

Other professions in the schools use consumables: The Occupational Therapist, The Physical Therapist, The Hearing Itinerant, and The Art Teacher.  

How do we convince those in charge of the school budgets to pay for our consumables?  Click the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

Do the students talk with the Bite-R in their mouths?  Does the device teach the retroflex R?  Is this an oral motor tool?  

See the answers to these questions and more.


Parent Information

When your child needs additional intervention, it can be scary, stressful, or even concerning. 

We're here to help.  We recommend that you allow a licensed speech pathologist to work with your child.  If you attempt to use the product, you are likely not skilled in understanding the cause of the mistake.

You see their speech impairment affecting their friendships, school work, choices, and self-esteem, but you don't know what to do or where to start.  

We've compiled a guide to help you through the stages of speech therapy. 

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